CPPA Applicant Notice

CPPA Applicant Notice


CPPA is subordinated to China Plastic Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), is a social organization which was formed on principle of voluntariness by enterprises who engage in production of plastic pipes, and the enterprises related with plastic pipes. At the present time, there have been more than 300 members, covered 28 provinces (city or district).

Main Associator

Domestic excellent plastic pipes manufacturers;

Research institutes & academic institutions;

Testing institutions & relevant associations;

Manufacturers of plastic processing machines, moulds, testing faclities, raw materials, plastic additives etc.;

Some Branch offices in China of foreign company.

CPPA Main Function

1. To survey and reseach the production, operation, quality, raw materials, equipments etc. of plastic pipe industry, and present proposals to government for the development, programming, economical and technical policies of plastic pipe industry.

2. Serving the plastic industry, organizing technical and economical information exchange, academic seminar, market forecasting, technical consultation, collaborating and tackling the key research project, and training etc.; To commission colleges and universities and academic institutions to tackle major technical problems appeared in the industry development to promote the development of industry.

3. To normalize plastic pipe industry code of conduct, to develop the industry self-disciplining, to participate in actively movements of cracking down on counterfeit goods and safeguarding legal rights; employing experts to assess and deliberate disputes about quality that arise from the applied engineering of plastic pipe, safeguard the rights and interests of high-quality enterprises, expose the products that have quality problems certainly.

4. To safeguard enterprise’s rights; to survey, research and assess usage status of raw materials, additives, equipments, inspection instruments etc. in the plastic pipe industry.


1. A corporate body or an individual need fill in Application Form, and submit a entire set of materials (including: Business License, Product Catalogue, recent Quality Test Report and Sanitation Test Report of various product, Honor Certificate, User Appraisal Report etc., all copy of documents should be stamped), then CPPA Council examine the applicants’ qualification. If passed examination, the corporate body or an individual will obtain status of member after paying membership dues.

2. Associators should abide to all national legislations, accept CPPA Constitution, fulfil their obligations, energetically participate in and cooperate with CPPA surveys and research or movements sponsored by CPPA, carry out CPPA solutions, consciously maintain sound market development. Associators would enjoy precedence and preferential treatments in technical collaboration, personnel training, achievements transfer and consulting service etc..

3. Associators should pay annual membership dues in time (Standard Charges on regular members is RMB 2000.00 annually).

CPPA Membership Application Form

Information Form of Plastic Pipes Manufacturers

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