More Sludge Disposal Centers Will Be Built in Wuhan

From next year until 2020, eight sludge disposal centers will be built in Wuhan City. In such a way, the sludge generated by each sewage treatment factory will be used effectively as a deodorant material or soil improvement materials.

Recently, the China and Japan carbonation sludge technical seminar was held by The Use of Foreign Loans Project Office in the Hubei Province. According to the disclosure by the responsible person of Urban Planning and Design Institute in Wuhan City, at present, the sewage treatment factory’s daily sludge Nissan in Wuhan are more than 200 tons, adopts a method of simple landfill basically. Due to a large number of harmful substances contained in sludge, simple landfill will be a threat to groundwater and rivers and lakes. Consider this, Wuhan city plans to build two large-scale sludge disposal centers nearby the SanJinTan sewage treatment factory in the north and the Huangjia Lake in the south. The size of the sludge disposal could amount to 1,000 tons a day. Meanwhile,Wuhan City also plans to build six small-scale sludge disposal centers in urban areas. Jiangnan Center has acquired been disposed of in support of the ADB loan, with a total investment 150 million yuan, construction next year.

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