Guizhou Province Will Build 65 Sewage Disposal Projects

This year, Guizhou Province will accelerate pollution reduction projects. They are focusing on urging the 65 new sewage disposal projects, such as the Xin Zhuang Treatment Plant, should complete on time and put into operation before the end of the this year.

It is known that, in 2oo8, the total emissions of sulfur dioxide and demanded chemical oxygen of Guizhong Province decreased by 10.14% and 2.28% respectively when compared with the volume of emissions in 2007. The Emission reduction task was completed successfully. 70.3% of the province's rivers section to meet water quality standards section. The standard rate of water quality of the exit section of river accounted to 83.3%.

In 2009, the province will make efforts to reduce pollutants emission and speed up the construction of pollutants reduction. At the same time, they will focuse on supervision of 65 Sewage Treatment plants (include Xin Zhuang sewage treatment plant in Guiyang City) could work on time and completed before the end of 2009 and put into operation in the normal, ensuring that 10 sewage treatment plants (including Yun Pan Country Sewage Treatment Plant) could be built up and put into operation before June 2010 so as to achieve the purpose of economic development at the same time reducing emissions.

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