National new-increased 2.5 billion is ploughed into industrial drainage governance in major river valleys and regions

In central government’s new-increased 100 billion investment, investment project of 2.5 billion for energy and environment conservation have been put into effect. Of which, there are 96 projects to support controlling and preventing pollution in in major river valleys and regions, invested totally 2.55 billion, arranging 510 million central government budgetary investment. It is estimated that 50000 tons COD (chemical oxygen demand) emission would be abated after this projects be completed.. When this news come through, confidence in domestic drainage governance industry is inspired, and water utility industry is expected to be new highlight of economic growth.

As introduced by Ling Jiang who is Vice Director General of Pollution Prevention Department in Environmental Conservation Ministry, national major river valleys and regions include Huaihe basin, Songhuajiang Basin, Danjiangkou Reservoir Zone and its upstream, Sanxia Reservoir and its upstream, involved 23 provinces, municipalities, that account for 30% national land area, where total warter resource is 812.87 billion cubic meters, and where GOD is approximately 9.6 trillion. But, the actuality of water quality wherein is anxious. China set a goal of abating 10% COD emission in “Eleventh Five Year” period, however only abating 2.3% had been accomplished in the past two years, 7.7% need to be abated in the last three years, confronted with massive tasks. Only if water pollution in major river valleys and regions is controlled effectively, it is expected to reach the goal of abating emission, and evidently improve water environmental quality on a national scale.

Nation will expedite investment in water treatment project at the next stage. As laid down in <Water Pollution Prevention Programing in Major River Valleys and Regions >, in the “Eleventh Five Year” period in Haihe, Liaohe, Songhuajiang, Caohu, Dianchi, Sanxia Reservoir and its upstream, midstream and downstream of Huanghe 2662 pollution governance projects are arranged, including industrial pollution governance engineering, urban sewage treatment engineering and regional pollution prevention engineering. Planed governance fund is 156 billion. Until November, 868 finished projects account for 32.6% of the total; 947 projects on the stocks account for 35.6%; 847 unstarted projects account for 31.8%; Accumulative completed investment reached 50.52 billion that accounted for 32.4% of investment plan. On the whole, two-third projects complete not yet.

With the developing of industry and agriculture everywhere, water resource shortage turns into a universal problem. On the one hand, national drainage policy become strict more and more, on the other hand, water resource is scarce, wherefore being engaged in water treatment engineering is arisen everywhere and escalated rapidly. Moreover, specific investment-pilot policies, by which nation expand domestic demand and support energy and environment conservation, undoubtedly provide a favorable chance for development once again.

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