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China Plastics Piping Association (CPPA) is a non-profit social organization which was founded on the principle of voluntariness by enterprises who engage in production of plastic pipes, and the enterprises related with plastic pipes. At present, there are 400 members consisting of excellent domestic manufacturers of plastic pipes and fittings, research and testing institutions, relevant institutions, suppliers of inspection equipment and raw material and etc.,.....

 Fujian Aton Advanced Materials S & T Co.,Ltd.
 Hebei Bosar Pipe Co., Ltd.
 Yonggao Co.,Ltd
 Nanya Plastics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
 Hubei Kaile Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
 Goody Technology Co., Ltd.
 China Lesso Group Holdings Limited
 Chengdu Chuanlu Plastic Group Co.,Ltd.
 Chinaust Group
 Anhui Guotong Hi-tech Pipes Industry Co., Ltd.
 Shandong Shenbon Plastics Co., Ltd.
 Shanghai White Butterfly Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.
 Rifeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
 Shandong Huanqiu Plastic Industry Co,Ltd.
 Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group
 Fengye Holding Group
 Zhejiang Zhongcai Pipes S & T Co.,Ltd
 Ningxia Qinglong Pipes Industry Co., Ltd.
 Wuhan Kingbull Economic Development Co. Ltd.
 Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
 Hongyue Plastic Group
 Jun Xing Pipe Industry Group
 Kangtai Plastic Science & Technology Group Co.,Ltd
 Shandong Huaxin Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd.
 Jiangsu Xinghe Group Co., Ltd.
 Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd. Shanghai
 Hefei Anlo New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
 Ningbo Fangli Group Co., Ltd.
 Sichuan Tungtay New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
 Cangzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co., Ltd.
 Battenfeld-cincinnati (Foshan) Extrusion Systems
 Nam Sok Building Material Products(Shenzhen) Co.,L
 Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry Co., Ltd.
 Hangzhou Boda Plastics S & T Stock Co.,Ltd
 Hangzhou Shunda Plastics & Rubber Co., Ltd.
 Jincheng Fenghuang Industry Co., Ltd.
 Hebei Jingxin Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.
 Jiangsu Fasten Advanced Pipelines Co., Ltd.
 Shuangliu PE Factory of Minjiang Water Plant
 Zhejiang Shuanglin Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
 TianJin Sheng Xiang Plastic Pipe Industry Co., Ltd
 Changzhou Hippo Plastics Co., Ltd.
 Jiangsu Jiangte Technology Co., Ltd.
 Jiangsu Liantong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
 Handan Eton Building Materals Co.,Ltd
 Shandong Juwang Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
 Hunan Shensu Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Ningbo Boer Pipe Industry Development Co., Ltd.
 Zhejiang Goffen Holding Group Co., Ltd.
 Hangzhou HONYAR Electrical Co.,Ltd
Policy & Standards
Development and Reform Commission reset off the storm to eliminate backward productivity

May 3, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the objectives of the plan as to eliminate backward productivity. Meanwhile, it has make sure the production phase-out target of the five industries (iron & steel, nonferrous metals, light industry, textile and petrochemical) in the next three years.

It is learned that the main fields of eliminating backward productivity in the petrochemical industry include oil refining, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, calcium carbide, and methanol and so on. According to the planning of the State Development and Reform Commission, the refining industry will adopt a method of regional equivalent alternatives. To 2011, the inefficient and low-quality oil refining equipments which have the productivity of one million tons or below will be obsolete. Meanwhile, to actively guide the 1 million to 200 million tons oil refining plant shut down and to prevent building new refinery projects in the name of bitumen or heavy oil.

Development and Reform Commission also made clear that it will hasten the elimination of acetylene, methanol and other products of low productivity, strictly control the construction of such excess capacity projects as methanol, caustic soda, soda ash. By 2011, the production phase-out of citric acid will reach 50 thousand tons, and chemical fiber 2.3 million tons.

In order to ensure the realization of these planning goals, Development and Reform Commission said that it would speed up the elimination of backward productivity by means of revising and improving industrial policy, establishing capacity exit mechanism, promoting enterprises’ technological upgrading and so on and so forth. Specific measures include: to improve the access threshold, to strengthen cleaner production audit, to implement a differential pricing; properly resolve issues such as staff placement, companies converting, and debt resolving in the elimination of backward productivity; to encourage enterprises to use new technologies, new materials, new technology and new equipment to transform and upgrade traditional industries and to develop high value-added products.

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